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Service Types and Plans organize information for any services or events happening at your church.

A Service Type contains related Plans, which usually happen weekly. Service Types also contain Teams and Templates related to its Plans.

A Plan is where you store all the details about a particular service. It can include service times, rehearsal times, the teams you've scheduled for that service, and all the items happening in that service.

Create a Service Type

The first step is to create a Service Type.

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, and then select Add Service Type.

You are guided through a wizard, which helps you create your first Plan, as well as Teams that you will need for the Service Type.

 Once you've walked through the wizard, you'll have your first Plan.

Plan Times

The Service Times that you created when you created your first plan are listed under Times.

Click add a time to add additional times, such as Rehearsal Times and Other Times, after the plan is created.

New plan

Add time information, search for the teams that should be assigned to this time, and set up optional automated reminders for each time.

New time

You can also create additional plans for a Service Type, as well as additional Service Types. Once you've created multiple Service types, create a  Folder to contain the Service Types.

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