Team Basics

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A Team is a group of people that serve in common area, such as media, teachers, or hospitality.

Within these teams, you could have several positions. For example, a worship team might consist of vocalist, guitar player, keyboard player, and drum positions.

Check out the video below to watch us set up teams and positions or follow the steps below to set up your own!


Setting Up Team Members

After creating a new team, you need to add positions and assign people to those positions.

  1. Add any positions that you need for the team.
  2. Assign one or more leaders to the team, and assign team members to the positions that you created when you set up the team.

Team Settings

You don't have to update the settings for each team if you don't have any specific changes needed. Most teams function well with the defaults.

We have three types of teams to allow you to assign team members based on background checks, service time, or tags. Learn about the different types before checking the box:

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