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When you are editing a person's contact information, you have the option to mark any specific email address or phone number as the primary address by clicking the green star.


With today's update, any time you see a summary of a person that includes an email address or phone number, you will see the specific address or number marked as primary.


The option to set an address or phone number as primary was originally created for one of our other apps, Planning Center People so when you contact someone, you know which one to use. In Services, when you view or search for a person, sometimes you see one email and one phone number, but we were previously not always using the one set as primary.

You should now notice this in the following places:

  • Person Profile
  • Search Results
  • People Index page
  • Editing a Person in a Plan

Primary email addresses are taken into account for display purposes only. When you email someone, that email still goes to every email address on their profile, and they can still log in with any email address, too.

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