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We're excited to announce a new My Schedule page which will be the home of your pending plans, confirmed plans, signup sheets, and more. Until now there has been one Plans page that includes a collapsible My Schedule section for everyone, followed by All Plans if you have Viewer permissions or higher. Now we're splitting those into two pages.

By moving My Schedule to its own page, we have room for some great new stuff including the ability to manage the schedules of your entire household, see a list of all your upcoming times, and have a way for anyone to send an email to their team leader.

The page will be accessible by clicking the new My Schedule tab in the main toolbar. Today it's available to viewers, schedulers, editors, and administrators, and this week we'll add everyone else. In addition to a new design consistent with our current mobile app, here's what's new!

Streamlined Responses


Each plan is now in its own card. If you have multiple requests per plan, in most cases people accept or decline them all, so we've optimized for this with accept and decline buttons at the bottom of each card which apply to the entire plan. If you want to accept one position and decline the other, you can hover over each position to respond to it on its own.

Household Schedules

If other members of your Household are being scheduled, you'll see a Household Filter at the top of the page. Click someone's picture to show their schedule with yours. If you're an adult, you can always manage the schedule of any children, but when you try to view the schedule of another adult, you'll be prompted to send them an email requesting permission.

Once other people are enabled in your filter, the icons on the rest of the page change to include the appropriate person's picture. This allows you to see which people have been requested for each plan, and which people are assigned to each time in the calendar list.


You can also respond for your household. When you use the accept all button or the buttons at the bottom of any plan card, you are responding to everything you see, including requests for other people.

If  you don't personally have access to a plan, you can still respond to it for someone in your household, but the plan itself will be grayed out. You also will be able to see that signup sheets are available for others in your household, but you will not be able to sign up for them.

Times for Each Plan

If your child serves at church but you're the one responsible for getting them there, you probably need to know all the dates and times that are involved. You can now see those times by clicking the clock icon at the top right of any plan card.


Household Blockouts

When you block out dates, you now have the ability to add blockouts for everyone in your household. Blocking out dates for your family vacation is now easier than ever.


Email Team Leaders

It's always been pretty easy for a team leader to email their members, but if a member had a question for a leader, the only option was to find an email from the past and reply to it. Now there's a great new option from the top of the Schedule page that allows anyone to select any of their team leaders and send them a message.



Calendar & Time ListTimesList.png

The Calendar has been greatly improved and now includes a scrolling list view with all service times, rehearsal times, and other times you are assigned to. As you change months the list view scrolls to stay in sync, and as you scroll in the list view, the calendar is updated. You can jump to different months or years by simply clicking on the current month name or year, and you can jump back to today by clicking the circle between the previous and next month buttons.

Plans Tab & Mobile

After we've gotten enough feedback about the Schedule page, we'll start to open up a new version of the Plans tab that no longer includes My Schedule, but allows browsing Folders, Service Types, and Plans. We'll also be working to bring these new features, especially household schedules and blockouts to our mobile apps before we make the new Schedule page permanent, most likely in mid-January 2019.

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