Media Player Out of Beta (Bye Flash!)

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Over a year ago we released a new version of our web media player that did not require the use of Adobe's Flash plugin. We put a "beta" label on it and kept the old Flash player around to give us time to make sure it worked well for everyone.

After many gradual improvements, the main issue keeping us from making it final was saving your custom volume setting even across pages and refreshes. Now that volume is remembered consistently, today we've removed the "beta" label and the previous Flash-based player, making the new player the lone survivor.

Along with the main media player, there are circular media players used in the songs sidebar on plan pages, and in the Top Songs section of the main Songs page.


These circular media players have also just been updated to no longer require Flash. If those players haven't been working for you recently, it's probably because you didn't have Flash. With today's update, they should work for everyone again. Play on!

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