Managing All Teams in Your Account

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Once you've set up the information for each team, you can see most of that information on the Teams tab within the main People page to help you manage all the Teams within your account. You can also use this page to find teams you aren't using, so you can clean them up.

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  1. Choose which Teams you want to see. By default, you see My Teams, which are Teams in which you are a Team Leader or assigned to a position as well as their related teams. You can change this to see Teams within other Service Types, Folders, or the entire account.

  2. Potential errors in a Team's setup are shown with a red warning logo and appear when a Team has 0 Members, 0 Positions, or has never been scheduled. The warning will be highlighted in red; click the red warning to reveal information about the error and how to fix it.

  3. Select any column header to sort the list by that column.

  4. View if a team is a Tag Team, Split Team, or Secure Team.

  5. Choose which columns to show on the page.

  6. Click any green Team or Service Type to go to a page where you can edit the Team.

Team Cleanup

Over time, your account might accumulate empty teams or teams that were created unintentionally. These teams can clutter up your account and make it more difficult to find legitimate teams when searching.


Teams with no members or positions, or teams that have never been scheduled are likely teams that can be archived or deleted.

This page can help you clean up teams you don't need.

  1. Click the Red Exclamation icon in the table header to sort your Teams by those with potential errors.

  2. Click red highlights in the Members or Positions column or Never in the Last Scheduled column for instructions on how to archive or delete a team.

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