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Each team in Services should have at least one Leader assigned to it. The Team Leader is a member of the team and also has the ability to schedule, manage, and email team members. Leaders can choose which scheduling notifications to receive for their teams.

If you have Scheduler permissions, you can only scheduleauto-schedule, email or set up teams for which you are a Team Leader. You can ask your Administrator to give you Team Leader permissions for teams that you want to schedule.

Scheduling Team Members

The Scheduling Your Teams article walks you through the most commonly used process for creating and scheduling teams to plans. The main steps for scheduling teams include:

  • Create a team. Teams belong to Service Types, so when you create a team, you can schedule those team members to any plan in a Service Type. When you create a team, you are automatically assigned as a leader of the team.
  • Set up scheduling templates that you can use to schedule team members who serve together regularly. For example, you could have a template with teams that serve the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, and another template for 2nd and 4th Sundays.
  • Schedule people to plans. Import your templates to the plans that you want to schedule people to. If you have open needed positions after importing the template, add people to those needed positions.
  • Send notifications. Email people that you've scheduled to notify them of their assignments.

You can also use the Matrix to schedule more than one week at at time.

Leader Notifications

Leaders can choose to receive accept, decline, or blockout notifications.

If a leader is set up as the Replies To person in the Team Settings, they can receive notifications when any team members accept or decline a position or update blockout dates.

Any of these options can be checked for each leader, but they only will apply if the leader is set up as the Replies To person:

  • Accept - The leader will receive an email every time a team member accepts an assignment.
  • Decline - The leader will receive an email every time a team member declines an assignment. The leader will have the option to reschedule the position from the Decline email.
  • Blockouts - If a leader is set to receive blockouts, they will receive an email every time a team member sets blockout dates.

If the person who schedules someone is not a Leader of that team, their notification options come from the Replies To defaults set on the Team Settings tab.

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