SongSelect by CCLI Integration

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The SongSelect integration lets you directly import lyrics and chord charts from your SongSelect account into Services. A paid SongSelect account is required.


Only administrators can enable SongSelect, but once it's enabled, any editor can add lyrics or chord charts to arrangements. Editors can check integration settings but cannot turn the integration on or off.

Enable the Integration

Go to the Songs page, click the gear icon menu, and choose Song File Integrations.


To enable the integration:

  1. Select Set up, and then click Done.

  2. Enter your SongSelect Username and Password, and select Continue.

  3. Select the Allow button to link the accounts.

You'll then be taken back to Planning Center, where you'll receive confirmation that the integration was successful.

Add SongSelect Charts to Songs

You can import SongSelect charts when you add a new song or within an existing song.

In an existing song, select the + to add a file to the arrangement.

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Choose Integrations and then go to the SongSelect tab.

  1. If there are no lyrics in the editor, you can check a box to import lyrics as plain text.

  2. Choose a key to import a specific chord chart.

Select Submit to begin importing your files.


If your SongSelect subscription includes other types of files, like lead sheets, download those directly from SongSelect and then upload them to the song.

SongSelect Error Messages

If you receive an error, you have some options! Find your error and recommended option.


Re-enable the Integration

Contact SongSelect 

Manually Upload 

Token Failed or Revoked



Permission Denied


Copy Limit Exceeded



SongSelect isn't responding



Server error, Internal server error



Chart Not Available



  • Token Failed or Token Revoked errors typically happen when your login information for SongSelect has changed.

  • Copy Limit Exceeded: SongSelect subscriptions only allow a certain number of chord charts to be downloaded or printed every year, called your copy limit. Every time you add a chord chart from SongSelect to your Services, that is one copy toward your copy limit.

  • Permission Denied: This could be an issue with your login, subscription level change, or copy limit.

  • Chart Not Available: The chord chart is unavailable within SongSelect or exists within SongSelect but has not been made available to Services.

None of the above

Please contact the support team and let them know the error you see, and they'll be happy to look into it with you.

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