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The SongSelect integration allows you to import lyrics and chord charts from your SongSelect account directly from within Planning Center Services. A paid SongSelect account is required.

Only Organization Administrators can enable SongSelect, but once it's enabled, any Editor can add lyrics or chord charts to arrangements.

Enable the Integration

Before you can use SongSelect, you need to link your Planning Center account with your SongSelect account.

To access Services Settings, do one of the following:

  • Go to the main plans tab, and select Services Settings under Helpful Links on the left.
  • Go to the root level of your account, hover over your church name, and select the gear.
Access Services Site Settings

If you do not see the Services Settings button or the gear icon, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings, which affects all users of Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

Scroll down to the Integrations section, and select enable integration under SongSelect Integration.

Enter your SongSelect Username and Password, and select Continue.


If you don't know your SongSelect login information, you will need to contact CCLI or visit


Select the Allow button to link the accounts. You'll then be taken back to Planning Center, where you'll see a confirmation message that the integration was successful.

Adding SongSelect Charts to Songs

Once you've enabled the integration by following the steps above, you can import SongSelect charts in two ways. The first and easiest way is just by checking the option to import from SongSelect when you add new Songs, Arrangements, or Keys.

The second way is to add SongSelect files to existing songs. From the main Songs tab, select the name of a specific arrangement.

Click on the Songs tab

Select the + button in the Files section to add a file.

Add files

Select the SongSelect tab.

  1. If there are no lyrics in the Lyrics & Chords editor, you can check a box to import lyrics as plain text.
  2. Choose a key to import a specific chord chart.
  3. Select Submit to begin importing your files.

SongSelect only enables regular Chord Charts to be imported through this integration. If your SongSelect subscription includes other types of files, like Lead Sheets, you'll have to download those directly from SongSelect's website, and then drag those files onto an arrangement page to upload them.

Need a Capo version for a key? Get those by setting up Alternate Keys.

SongSelect Error Messages

There are a few different errors that can happen when using the CCLI SongSelect integration. Here are some examples and how to resolve them.

Token Failed or Token Revoked

Token Failed or Token Revoked errors typically happen when your login information for SongSelect has changed. These errors can be fixed by having your Organization Administrator log into the account, disable the integration and then reenable it.

Copy Limit Exceeded or Permission Denied

If you're receiving Copy Limit Exceeded or Permission Denied errors, there's probably an error with your SongSelect account.

Copy Limit

SongSelect subscriptions only allow a certain number of chord charts to be downloaded or printed every year, and this is called your copy limit. Every time you add a chord chart from SongSelect to your Planning Center account, that is counted as one copy from your copy limit.

If you've exceeded your copy limit SongSelect's support team can give you the next steps that you would need to get your integration up and running again.

Permission Denied

This error is used for a few things, so it's hard for us to be sure of what may be the problem, but SongSelect will be able to tell you why this has happened. Sometimes it's an issue with your login, and step one can help you fix this. Sometimes it's an issue with your SongSelect subscription level changing, and you no longer have access to the same types of files that you could access before. And sometimes it's an issue with your copy limit as mentioned above.

SongSelect isn't responding

This error means that the SongSelect website is not responding. This could be for a number of reasons, including too much traffic or a problem with their web servers.

In any case, the issue can only be fixed by the SongSelect team. If you just wait an hour it will often resolve itself, but you can also reach out to SongSelect's support team to let them know that their integration with Planning Center is not responding.

None of the above errors are what I'm seeing

If this is the case, please contact our support team and let them know the type of error that you're receiving, and they'll be happy to look into it with you.

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