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The RehearsalMix integration allows you to link to audio mixes included with your RehearsalMix account. RehearsalMix is a product made by that provides different audio mixes for each part or instrument on the original recording of most popular worship songs. A paid RehearsalMix account is required.

Only Organization Administrators can enable RehearsalMix, but once it's enabled, any Editor can add mixes to arrangements.

Enable the Integration

Before you can use RehearsalMix, you need to link your Planning Center account with your RehearsalMix account.

To access Services Settings from the main plans page, click the gear menu, and then click Services Settings.

If you do not see the button, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings, which affects all users of Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

Scroll down to the Integrations section, and then in the RehearsalMix section, select enable integration.

Log in to your account.

Click Connect in the Connected Accounts section.

Your accounts are linked. Back on the Site Settings page, you'll see the green Enabled indicator .


If you run into any problems with your MultiTracks account, they have helpful lessons here to help you out.

Adding RehearsalMixes to your Arrangements

From the main Songs tab, select the name of a specific arrangement.

Select arrangement

Click the + button in the Files section to add a file.

Add files
  1. Select the RehearsalMix tab
  2. Search RehearsalMix for the Song Arrangement you're looking for. You can modify this search.
  3. Select album art to hear a preview.
  4. Select the + to select that arrangement.

Once you select the +, wonderful things begin to happen!

If you hadn't named your arrangment, we'll rename it to match the arrangment/artist from RehearsalMix. In addition, we'll automatically populate the length, BPM, meter, and sequence (for most songs). To finish off this amazing integration, the album artwork is attached as well.

You'll see a horizontal line in the Arrangment and each Key box. Everything under that line is a RehearsalMix audio track.

Track list

Missing Files?

When on the Arrangement Page, are there RehearsalMix files that appear to be missing? There are two possible causes for this in most situations:

  • RehearsalMix doesn't have those files for the key(s) you have chosen.
  • There was an error when the files were linked.

To find out which of these applies, go directly to the RehearsalMix page for the song and arrangment you need. On the RehearsalMix tab, you'll see all of the keys available.

If you were hoping to do this song in F#, you won't have any RehearsalMix tracks. You'll need to pick one of the available keys on your Arrangment Page in Services if you want a RehearsalMix for that song.

If the key you have selected is available on RehearsalMix, then this indicates there was an error when the song was linked. To fix this, you'll want to unlink and then re-link the mix. Scroll up to the previous section called Unlinking and Re-linking a Mix for instructions on this process.

Sending Instructions to your Team

From within any of your plans, hover over the arrow next to the your team from the sidebar Teams list, and then select Email.

Edit your Teams & Positions

Check the team and status of the people that you want to email, and then select Accept.

Click the email button next to any Team of people

Enter the email text. Here is some great sample text for you to copy and paste:

We're starting to add new audio files to some songs called Rehearsal Mixes. You may start to see specific mixes, like Drums Mix, Bass Mix, Electric Guitar 1 Mix, or Alto Mix
. Rehearsal Mixes have your part turned up louder than the overall mix. Sometimes there might even be more than one mix so you can pick between parts. Be sure to use these whenever you want.
Add text to your email and send

Select Send... to send the email.

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