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The PraiseCharts integration allows you to import lyrics, chord charts, lead sheets, other sheet music, and even audio files you purchased from PraiseCharts. A PraiseCharts account is required.

Enable the Integration

If you're an editor or administrator, go to the Songs page, click the gear icon menu, and select Song File Integrations.


To enable the integration:

  1. In the PraiseCharts Settings box, select Set up.

  2. Enter your email and password, and then select Authorize. If you don't have your username and password, you must visit

  3. Select OK to return to the Songs page.

View Licensed Users

You can view licensed users by selecting Licensed Users at the bottom of the PraiseCharts box. To change these users, you must log in to

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Add PraiseCharts Files to Songs

You can import PraiseCharts files when you add a new song or within an existing song. Once PraiseCharts files are imported, they are like any other files and available to other users.

In an existing song, select the + to add a file to the arrangement.

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Choose Integrations and go to the PraiseCharts tab.

  1. Search PraiseCharts for a specific song or arrangement.

  2. Any files you've purchased are listed at the top.

  3. Other song versions are listed here, along with a link to purchase them on PraiseCharts.

File Options

You can check the box to import each file you have purchased. The list below provides more information about each option.

  • Chord Chart + Lyrics & Chords: Import the TXT chart and lyrics file into the editor, which allows you to edit the text and transpose the file for any key you add.

  • Arrangement Files/Key Files: If the PraiseChart file contains multiple keys, they are added as separate files and listed in the appropriate key.


    Some older PraiseCharts PDF files will still be imported as one PDF that includes many keys in that one file. Contact PraiseCharts for help with this.

  • Orchestration (All Parts) is one PDF with all Instrument parts included.

  • Orchestration is for a specific key, and it will get the file in that key and split all the instruments into their own files!

  • Chord Chart: This is a non-editable chord chart PDF and file in a specific key.

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