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Today we released Services version 3.6 for Android and iOS devices. The biggest addition to this version is the ability to create and edit Lyrics & Chords.

From any song arrangement in your song library, select the Lyrics & Chords button from the Files tab to enter the Lyrics & Chords editor.


Key. Choose the key you will use to enter your chord chart text.

Text. Add or edit your chord chart using ChordPro formatting, or by typing lyrics and chords on their own lines.

Undo. After you start typing, an undo button will appear at the top right of the text box. Tap it to revert to the last saved version.

Quick Input Keyboard Toolbar. Use the quick input keyboard toolbar to insert common special characters or codes.

Formatting. Change page layout and font options using the formatting button the top toolbar.

Preview. Preview a PDF version of your chord chart using the preview button in the top toolbar.

Transposing. Once you save your changes and return to the song arrangement, you will automatically see transposed PDFs for every key added to this arrangement.


More Information

The following articles for each platform contain more information on editing Lyrics & Chords:

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