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You can schedule individual team members from any plan. This is a useful option if you have only one team member to schedule, but it's usually faster to import a template or add needed positions.

Watch the video to see how to schedule people, or follow the steps below to schedule.

From inside any plan, hover over a Team's option menu and select Schedule Team Member.

schedule any person button

You'll see a list of everyone assigned to the Team and Position selected in the dropdown boxes. If they have conflicts, blockout dates, or scheduling preferences, hover over those colored badges for more information.

Schedule Any Additional People

Once you've selected a person to schedule, confirm the specific information regarding this plan.

  1. Unless you have changed the Team Settings, the status will default to unconfirmed. If you change their status to confirmed or declined, the notification email they receive will not have the buttons to Accept or Decline.
  2. The Replies To Person/People can be notified if the scheduled person accepts or declines.
  3. If you want this person to receive an email inviting them to this plan, check this box. The email will not be sent until you email people with Prepared Notifications. As the email status is changed, you will see those timestamps here.
  4. Teams are assigned to specific times; however, you can change those times for specific people. Unchecked times won't appear in their schedule or email and will be grayed out when they view the plan, depending on their permission.

Save to add the person to the plan in the chosen position.

Once all of your people are scheduled, make sure you send them their notification email. If you don't, they won't know they have been scheduled and won't be able to access the plan (unless they have a high enough permission).

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