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To access the Sidebar, tap the menu in the top left, or swipe right from any screen in the app.

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Access your profile, plans, songs, media, people, and much more from the Sidebar.

Sidebar menu top
  1. Tap your name to view your profile. If your profile is linked to multiple churches, access those churches from the dropdown as well.
  2. Navigate to Plans, Songs, Media, and People tabs.
  3. Tap any date to view the plan that you're scheduled for.
Sidebar menu bottom
  1. Quickly add a new blockout date to let your leader know when you're not available.
  2. Add your schedule to your calendar app, and it will be automatically synced.
  3. Access help articles or reach out to our support team.
  4. Clear audio files and manage your notifications.
Settings top
  1. Clear saved user logins.
  2. Delete all saved audio files.
  3. View all saved audio files and select individual files that you want to delete.
Settings bottom
  1. When Scheduling request notifications is enabled, you receive push notifications on your device for each scheduling request email you are sent.
  2. When Email notifications is enabled, you receive push notifications for any general emails sent that aren't for a specific plan.
  3. Enable Staging is a debugging feature you should leave off unless our support team asks you to enable it for troubleshooting purposes.
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