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The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to the mobile app. The Dashboard has two tabs, My Schedule and Plans, where you can view all of your available signups, unconfirmed plans, and confirmed plans.

My Schedule

My Schedule will show scheduling requests, available signup sheets, and confirmed plans. You can choose to accept or decline positions individually or accept all positions.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Positions

My Schedule

You have the following options for confirming scheduled positions:

  1. Use a signup sheet to accept a position.
  2. Accept all scheduled positions.
  3. Confirm or decline positions that have multiple times available.
  4. Confirm or decline an individual position. If you select Decline, you can enter a reason.

After you've accepted a position, the plan drops to a Confirmed section underneath the Pending invitations. If you have declined a position, it no longer displays in the dashboard. You will need to contact your team leader if you change your mind and want to confirm later.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Times

In some cases, the team you are scheduled to gives you the option to accept a position at one or more Service Times.

After you tap Accept or Decline for a service with more than one time in the main My Schedule tab, you can accept or decline each service time individually, and then tap Submit.

Multiple times

Signup Sheets

If your leader has assigned you to a team team that has signups available, you can sign up one of two ways.

If your team leader emails you to let you know that signups are available, the link in the email takes you to the web app where you can tap Sign up! to be scheduled for any available positions.

Signup sheet

You can also sign up within the mobile app from My Schedule by tapping Sign Up... when signups for positions are available.

Sign up notice

Tap Sign Up... for any position or date that you want to sign up for.

Sign up confirm


Only people with Viewer permissions and above can view the Plans tab.

View your upcoming Plans by navigating through your folders and service types.

All confirmed plans have green tags; unconfirmed plans have yellow tags.

Plans tab

Learn how to navigate your plans in the Plans: An Overview article.

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