Team Leaders Included in Team Filters

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The People page allows you to filter people by which Teams and Positions they are assigned. Until now, these filters did not include Team Leaders. In most cases, Team Leaders are also assigned to at least one position within the team, so they would be returned anyway. But if they were only a Team Leader, they wouldn't be included. This update includes Team Leaders with all Team and Position filters.


When filtering by any team or even My Teams, all Team Members and Team Leaders from the selected Teams will be included.



When using the Position filter, you will see a new option to filter for the Team Leaders for each team.



When using the Advanced Team filter, you will see a new option for Team Leader in the top and bottom sections.


Exclude Team Leaders

If you want to retain the old behavior that allows you to search for a team but exclude Team Leaders, open the Advanced filter for your team, click the Any button to select all its positions, then uncheck the Team Leader checkbox.


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