Services Mobile 3.5

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iOS Release Notes

The new app icon is here, plus editors can now attach files!


  • This update introduces our brand new Services logo as the app's new icon! We've even written an emotional song about it, "Icon Only Imagine."


  • Upload and attach files to Songs and Media! Add files using the "Add a File" button in the app, OR from other apps back to Services using the "Share" button. Sharing them back is even Biblical! Need Proof? Phile-emon 1:12.
  • Edit or delete attachments by swiping left. Don't worry, this is NOT an app for forming "attachments" by swiping left.


  • Fixed a problem where renamed audio files would sometimes display the original name. Your kids noticed this while waving their right or left arm during their favorite song with its original name, "Father Abram."
  • Fixed the error that popped up when Viewers tapped the email icon in someone's profile. We apologize for the miss communication.
  • Ironed out an issue where not all scheduling conflicts were showing up for a person being added to a plan. We say “ironed out” because now the visibility of conflicts has in-creased.

Android Release Notes


  • The new Services logo is now the app's icon!
  • Upload a file, a photo, or a link to media, songs, arrangements or keys
  • Copy supported files from other apps and attach to Services
  • Editors can tap the overflow menu for a file to find options to delete or edit it


  • People scheduled to archived teams will show in upcoming plans
  • Plans will now show multiple scheduling conflicts again
  • Schedule widget was crashing on Android 8.0+ devices

See the iOS and Android help articles for more information.

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