Calendar Subscriptions (iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar)

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Sync your plans with your personal calendar so that you can see your schedule even outside of Services.

Subscribe to the Calendar Feed

From the My Schedule tab, click subscribe, and then click on the link for your calendar program.

Choose Your Calendar Feed

If you link to iCal or Outlook, you can verify the URL from the calendar app and even customize it.


If you link to Google Calendar, confirm that you want to add it to your calendar.

google cal

Each calendar program has different options for customization, such as colors and notifications. Set any options that are given after you add the subscription to your calendar.

Customize the iCal URL

To change the calendar iCal URL to show different feeds, replace a piece of the calendar link:

My Schedule with Blockouts: webcal://
My Schedule without Blockouts: webcal://
Entire Church Master Calendar: 

Copy the calendar URL and paste the link into another browser tab.

You should be taken right to your default calendar to add the new calendar feed.

Unsubscribe from the Calendar Feed

For instructions on unsubscribing from the calendar feed, see the section for the type of calendar that you have.

Google Calendar

Click the arrow on the Other calendars section to expand it, and then click on the option menu for the calendar you want to unsubscribe from.

Unsubscribe from Google Calendar

Select Settings from the dropdown, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Unsubscribe from the Remove calendar section.

Select 'Settings'

Right click the calendar you want to remove.

select calendar

Select Unsubscribe from the list to fully remove the calendar.

unsubscribe from options

Mobile Calendar Subscriptions

To subscribe to your Services calendar from the Services mobile app, see one of these articles:

(Android): Google calendar subscriptions

(iOS): Calendar subscriptions

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