Calendar Subscriptions (iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar)

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Sync your plans with your personal calendar, so you can see your schedule even outside of Services.

From the My Schedule tab, click subscribe, and then click on the link for your calendar program.

Choose Your Calendar Feed

If you link to iCal or Outlook, you can verify the URL from the calendar app.


If you link to Google Calendar, confirm you want to add it to your calendar.

google cal

Each calendar program has different options for customization, such as colors and notifications. Set any options that are given after you add the subscription to your calendar.

Add from the Mobile App

Within the mobile app, tap Calendar Link from the sidebar to add plans to your calendar.


If you haven't enabled Services to access your calendar, you'll receive a message prompting you to make that change before any plans can link to your calendar.

calendar permission

If the calendar has access, when you tap Calendar Link, you'll get a confirmation and be able to access the events immediately by selecting View Events.

calendar added

All calendars your device subscribes to will be shown. You can manage the color of the events as well as the name of the calendar shown by selecting the calendar.

view calendars and events
view calendars and events

You can change the calendar address by replacing a piece of the link to get different feeds:

  • My Schedule with Blockouts - webcal://
  • My Schedule without Blockouts - webcal://
  • Entire Church Master Calendar - webcal://

Make sure to copy the last part of the URL. Paste the new link into another browser tab and hit return on your keyboard. You should be taken right to your default calendar to add the new calendar feed.

Unsubscribe from the Calendar Feed

Removing a Services calendar subscription varies depending on the type of feed you added.

Google Calendar

Select the arrow on the Other calendars section.

Unsubscribe from Google Calendar

Select Settings from the dropdown.

Select 'Settings'

On the line of the calendar you want to remove, select Unsubscribe.

Click Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from the calendar on Android, you can follow the same steps above and unsubscribe from Google Calendar.


Right click the calendar you want to remove.

select calendar

Select Unsubscribe from the list to fully remove the calendar.

unsubscribe from options

If you added the calendar from your desktop and synced over iCloud but want to remove it from your personal calendar on an iOS device, open Settings, Accounts & Passwords, and choose the Subscribed Calendar from the Accounts list. Tap "Delete" to permanently remove the subscribed calendar from your device.

delete icloud calendar

If you added the calendar on your mobile device, you have to delete it from Settings in order to remove it from iCal since it shows up as a Subscribed Calendar instead of an iCloud calendar.

Go to Accounts & Passwords and tap Subscribed Calendars.

subscribed calendar

Select the calendar you'd like to remove.

choose subscribed calendar

Then select Delete Account and confirm the deletion.

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