Set Your Scheduling Preferences

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Let your team leaders know when you want to be scheduled. After setting your preferences, anyone who tries to schedule you for an additional plan will receive a preference warning.

From your profile, go to the Scheduling tab to create your preferences.


1. General and Household Preferences

Click Edit to change your general or household preferences.

  1. Indicate the maximum amount of plans you prefer to be scheduled over the course of a month, as well as how many plans per day.

  2. If your family members are listed, set whether you'd like to serve when they are already scheduled, or prefer not to be scheduled at the same time.

  3. If you are a Viewer or Scheduled Viewer, you can request to be added to a household.

Click Done to be taken back to the full view.

2. Teams Preferences

Select the dropdown next to any team to change how often you'd like to serve on that team, and then click the checkmark to save your setting.



Split Teams allow you to specify which service times you prefer to serve at as well. If the team is a Split Team, select the time you'd like to serve.

You can even choose certain weeks like the 1st and 3rd weeks by selecting Choose Weeks from the dropdown.

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