Setting Up Households

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Set up households, so team members can choose to be scheduled with people in their household.

Scheduled Viewers and Viewers can only set household preferences unless otherwise determined from the Settings.

From the Scheduling tab in your profile, select Edit next to Preferences.

You'll see a list of your family members who can be scheduled in Services. Change your preference in when to be scheduled with them, or, if you're missing a household member, select Edit Households to add more people to your household.

Edit Households

If you don't see Edit Households, then you are not able to set up households. Contact your leader to gain access.

If your household is listed, select the last name to edit it; if it's not listed, or you want to create another one, select add a household.

Choose a Household

Add a Household

Enter the name of the person whose household you want to join then choose to create a new household with that person.

Add a New Household
Set Up and Add Members to the Household
  1. Select the gear to delete a person from a household or make that person the Primary Contact.
  2. Add more people to the Household by searching for them in the database.
  3. To Permanently Delete the Household, select Remove Household.

Select Save to add the household to the person's profile.

New members added by Viewers will be "Pending" until they are confirmed in the approval email or by someone with at least Scheduler permissions in this box.

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