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If you utilize households in Services, you can set up your preferences based on the schedules of your family members. Households can be managed in People, so you may already have one set up for you. If so, you can then set up household permissions.


Organization Administrators can restrict household editing to Schedulers or Editors.

Scheduled Viewers and Viewers cannot add household members, but they can request to have household members added for them.

From the Scheduling tab in your profile, click Edit next to Preferences.

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If you have Scheduler or higher permissions, click Edit Households to edit households from any profile.

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Viewers and Scheduled Viewers will have a Request Household button instead, allowing them to email any of their team leaders.

Add a Household

To add a person to an existing household or create a new household, click add a household.


You should never place people outside of actual families into households. If you think you want to combine people who aren't in an actual family into a household, you should use either a roster station in Check-Ins or a group in Groups.


Search for a person, and then click on the name of a person.

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Click Join Household to join the person with the existing household, or create a new household.

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Edit a Household

To edit a household, click the household name.


Click the gear next to a person's name to make them a primary household member or remove them. You can also add a new person to the household or remove the household completely.


Now you can set household scheduling preferences!

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