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Any user can receive text message notifications when emails are sent to them. This requires a mobile number on the profile with the correct carrier selected and a valid email address where the full text of the email will be sent. Users can also respond to text messages to accept or decline scheduled requests.

For yourself

  1. Click your name in the upper right
  2. Click 'Profile'

For others

For others

If you are a Scheduler for your account, you can also go to the main people tab and click a person's name to go to their profile and set up their text messages, as long as you know their carrier.

Edit Notification Settings

Edit Notification Settings

On the Communications tab, click the 'Edit' button in the Text Notifications section.

Add a Mobile Number & Carrier

Add a Mobile Number & Carrier
  1. In order to send a text message, the person must have an email address in their profile.
  2. You must choose "Mobile" as your phone number type and choose your mobile carrier.
  3. If you already have a phone number and want to add an additional mobile number, click the + for the Phone Numbers section.
Why specify a mobile carrier?
In order for text messaging to be a free service, Planning Center uses the SMS Gateway provided by each cell company, which is why you must set the cell carrier correctly for texting to work. This allows Planning Center to send a regular email to an address like which the cell company then converts to a regular text message. Unfortunately, many cell companies outside the US, especially in Australia, do not offer SMS Gateways and therefore can't use our text messaging features. If your cell company is not in the list, it is most likely not supported. However, if you find your cell company does use a standard SMS gateway and isn't in our list, please email with the SMS gateway information, and we can try to verify it with you and add it to our list.

Select Notification Options

Select Notification Options

Only users with Scheduler permissions or higher will see the "Scheduling Replies" checkbox.

Responding to A Scheduling Request via Text Message (option 1)

Responding to A Scheduling Request via Text Message

Some mobile carriers support replying directly back to the text message in order to confirm.

The notification will include:

  • name of the requestor
  • "Type" of email that this message is for
  • subject title
  • date(s) of the plan
  • Position and Team, shown like: "Position (Team)"
  • responses to confirm "ACCEPT" and "DECLINE" as well as the option to "STOP" that will disable future text notifications for you.
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