Setting Up and Responding to Text Notifications

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You can adjust settings on your profile to allow you to receive text messages from Planning Center. Depending on your carrier, you may also be able to respond to text messages to accept or decline scheduled requests.


Because each provider handles text messages differently, we recommend using in-app notifications for iOS or Android devices.

Text messages are sent from Services to a special email address created by the cell phone provider. The way they are sent are managed by the provider and location. So, although they can be convenient, they're not always reliable.

My company is not on the mobile carrier list

Many cell companies outside the US, especially in Australia, do not offer SMS Gateways and therefore can't use our text messaging features. If your cell company is not in the mobile carrier list, it is probably not supported.

However, if you find out that your cell company does use a standard SMS gateway and isn't on our list, please email with the SMS gateway information, and we can try to verify it with you and add it to our list.

Edit Text Settings

You can change your own notification settings and mobile information from your profile, and if you have Scheduler or higher permissions, you can change another person's settings if you know which mobile carrier the person has.

From the Communications tab in a person's profile, select the types of notifications the person will receive from the Text Notifications section.

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Only people with Scheduler permissions or higher will see the Scheduling Replies checkbox.

To edit a person's mobile information, click the Edit button in the Text Notifications section of the Communications tab.

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Edit the person's email and mobile phone information in their profile, as needed.


The following needs to be set up for a person to receive text messages:

  • Make sure there's an email address in the profile.

  • Choose Mobile as the phone number type, and choose the mobile carrier.

  • If there is more than one mobile number listed, make sure that the preferred number is marked with a star.


In order for text messaging to be a free service, Planning Center uses the SMS Gateway provided by each cell company, which is why you must set the cell carrier correctly for texting to work. This allows Planning Center to send a regular email to an address like, which the cell company then converts to a regular text message.

Responding to Text Notifications

There are a few ways to respond to a scheduling request, depending on the mobile carrier that you have.

If your carrier is shown in the list below, you may receive a request to respond by text You might also receive a request to respond by short link or log into Planning Center to view your assignment.

Carriers that may allow text replies

The following carriers allow text replies:

  • AT&T

  • Boost

  • Cricket

  • InlandCellular

  • Ntelos

  • RogersWireless

  • US Cellular

  • Virgin

Text Message Scheduling Request

Some mobile carriers support replying directly back to the text message in order to confirm. These notifications will include information about the date and position you are scheduled for.


Respond to the message by typing ACCEPT or DECLINE.


You can also reply STOP to disable any further text notifications.

Respond by Short Link

Some mobile carriers that don't allow text replies will send short links you can click to accept or decline.

The notification will include information about the date and position you are scheduled for.


Tap the appropriate link to either accept or decline the position. You will be taken to the Services site in your mobile browser to confirm your response.

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