Archive, Delete, and Restore Service Types

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If you have Service Types you've used in the past but no longer plan to use, archive them. Archived Service Types are listed on the Plans page.


You can also delete a Service Type, which can be recovered up to seven days after deletion, but we highly recommend archiving instead.

Archive a Service Type

To archive a Service Type, go to the Service Type Settings and click the Actions button and select Archive.


Teams within Archived Service Types:

  • When you archive a Service Type, all the Teams in that Service Type are also archived and will no longer show anywhere within Planning Center. Even if you specifically filter for archived Teams, you will not see them if they are in an archived Service Type.

  • When you restore an archived Service Type, Teams that were active when you archived the Service Type will be restored, too.

Restore an Archived Service Type

If a Service Type needs to be available again, an Administrator can restore it from its original folder by selecting view archived service types.

view archived service types_arrow.png

You'll see the archived date and person who archived the Service Type, and you can restore the Service Type by selecting it from the list.

archived service type_arrow.jpg

Confirm to restore the Service Type and it back to the Plans page.

Delete a Service Type

To delete a Service Type, click the gear icon, and choose Settings.

service type settings_settings_arrow.png

Click the Actions button in the top left of the Settings tab and select Delete from the dropdown. You'll be asked to confirm if you'd like to delete the Service Type.


If you choose Yes, delete forever, it will be moved to the Recently Deleted section on the Plans page and can be recovered within seven days by an Administrator.

Restore a Deleted Service Type

If a Service Type is mistakenly deleted, an Administrator can recover it from its original folder by selecting view recently deleted service types.

view recently deleted service types_arrow.jpg

Select which Service Type you'd like to recover.

recently deleted service types_arrow.jpg

Confirm to restore the Service Type and add it back to the Plans page.

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