Services 3.4 for iOS

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Bug fixes and improvements, how boring! Let's at least make them interesting.


  • Notifications now have sound when your sound is on. Just one more thing to keep those rocks from crying out.
  • When submitting a support request, you can now attach an image. Get the picture? We will.
    Fixed a crash while taking a profile picture. You only had yourselfie to blame.
  • If you're scheduled without permission to see the plan, you can now at least see your times. We could have done this sooner but the timing was too important.
  • The Media Player now shows your tempo BPMs in the song headers. Like a sign for lawn ornaments riding the subway, it's your metrognome marking.


  • Schedulers see the email button on the People page again. It’s our most iconic update in this release.
  • Filtering people from "Any Team" in a Service Type is working correctly again. This was a sort of good fix.
  • Fixed an issue with a sporadic black background for plan Teams. While spotty at times, Dalmatian mode wasn’t intended for this page.
  • When you text your team, your phone is included in the phone number reference. Another great number reference? Numbers 31:33. (We'll wait, it's worth it.)
  • Fixed a problem where the Text My Team button would bring up a blank display at times. Just wanted to be transparent with you.
  • Stopped duplicate emails from sending if you hit the send button multiple times. These aren't loaves and fish, one is plenty.


  • SongSelect PDF Charts were still importing even if you unchecked the "Download" option. So much for the "Select" in SongSelect.

If you like the Services app or even just our bug fixes, we'd love an App Store review! If you have any issues, use the app's built-in help to email us so we can write back. Each bug in this release was submitted by someone like you!

For more information on the Services iOS mobile app, see the help center articles.

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