Should My Team Be a Tag Team?

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In most cases, manually adding people to positions is the easiest way to manage people in a team, but if you share teams or positions across multiple Service Types, Tag Teams can help you easily populate teams.

If the team is already a Tag Team, you can disable that type, and the people assigned from tags will stay in the teams. If you enable the Tag Team type again, your previous tags will be remembered for each position, but anyone not with that tag will be unassigned.

Add Person to Position

Adding people to positions is the simplest way to add team members because you can add and edit the people assigned to each position right from the Team page.



Unless you have a good reason to use Tag Teams, we recommend you keep it disabled and add people to each position manually.

When you add people to a position, you can search for people based on positions in other Service Types and copy another position into the current position.

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You can add many people to the position from the search box, or you can add a person to a position directly from their profile page.

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Select Add from the Teams section and type the position you'd like to assign the person to.

Add People Using Tags

Adding team members to teams using tags is a little more involved:

  1. Create tags

  2. Assign people to those tags

  3. Link the position with the appropriate tag(s)

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When the Tag Team type is enabled, the Add Person button changes to Add tag. If you're looking for the Add Person button, disable the Tag Team type in the Settings.

Add as many tags as you need to the position and view the number of people with all the listed tags on their profiles.

Tag Team Examples

Teams in Multiple Service Types

If you have a Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night Service Type that share the same band members,

  1. Create a tag group called Main Band with Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, etc. as the tags.

  2. Assign each person to the correct instrument tag.

  3. Add those tags to the positions in the Sunday Morning Band Team and the Wednesday Night Band Team.

Teams with Strict Criteria

If your Kids Ministry volunteers are required to complete a specific training,

  1. Create a tag group called Training with Completed, In Progress, Incomplete as tags.

  2. Assign each volunteer to the coordinating training tag.

  3. Add the Completed tag to every Kids Ministry position to ensure only those who have completed the training are assigned to the position.

Troubleshooting Tag Teams

Adding Tags to profiles can assign them to a bunch of teams all at once. If you look at the Teams section on someone's profile, and there are a lot of teams that shouldn't be there, it's most likely because those teams are set up as Tag Teams with incorrect tags on their positions.

If you have multiple campuses, you can assign teams based on those campuses; however, if you only assign a campus tag to a position, any person in your account with that tag is assigned to that position, which is probably way more people than you want.

To fix this you have a couple of options:

  1. Add another tag to each position: Find the team and each position set incorrectly and add another tag, so the position populates people with the campus tag and another tag.

  2. Disable the Tag Team type, which will allow you to manually add people to each position and see all the specific people assigned to it so you can remove them without worrying about tags at all.

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