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When we launched the beta of our new People page, you could use filters to find people who were in any Team, or people who were in any position on one team. What you could not do was find people who were on any position from multiple teams. For example, you could not find people who were assigned to Drums in different teams across multiple ministries.

We've changed the Team filters around to allow you to do all of the above. What was previously on the Position tab has been moved to an Advanced tab. The new Positions tab functions just like the Teams tab, listing all positions from multiple teams. Here is a more detailed explanation of each of the three options.


Choosing multiple Teams will find people that are on any of these Teams. As you check more boxes, you'll see more people since it's finding people who are assigned to Team 1 OR Team 2.


In this example, I will see people assigned to Band (Weekend Service) OR Vocals (Traditional Service). Options within a filter are always joined together by OR.

Positions (new)

The Positions tab now shows positions across many Teams. Just like the main Team filter, as you select more Positions, more people are shown, because it's finding people who are assigned to Position 1 OR Position 2.


In this example, anyone assigned to Acoustic OR Bass OR Electric for my Sunday Service will show.

To narrow down the list of positions shown, use the search bar at the top of the filter. This allows you to find all positions with the same name to select them quickly.


"Drums" has been entered into the search, so only matching positions are shown.


This is the old Positions filter renamed. Each Team is listed separately with its Positions as options.  Since each Team is its own filter, choosing a Position from Team A, and then choosing a Position from Team B will usually show you less people because you're looking for people on Position A AND Position B.


In this example, two separate filters have been applied. People shown will be assigned to Sunday Service Acoustic Guitar AND Weekend Service Acoustic Guitar.

Filter Logic

As a reminder, choosing options within a single filter joins them with the word OR. You'll generally see more people as you check more options within a single filter.

Adding multiple filters joins them with the word AND. You'll generally see less people as you add more filters.


This example is selecting people {assigned to either Band or Vocals} AND {with either the Carlsbad or San Diego Campus tag}. A person must match at least one of the options from each filter.

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