Time Adjustments for Teams

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When you add a new Team, by default the Team is assigned to all existing Rehearsal and Other Times. If you've planned ahead and have many Rehearsal Times or Other Times, it can be cumbersome to manually edit those after adding a new team. With this update, you'll be able to fix this for new Teams, existing teams, and people already scheduled with just a couple of clicks.

New Teams

After you create a new Team, if there are Rehearsal or Other times in the future, you'll be presented with the Time Assignments popup.


All Rehearsal Times and Other Times in every upcoming plan are listed. Select the times you'd like to assign to your Team and click Submit. When you go into any future plan and click a time to edit it, you'll see your new Team assigned or unassigned based on your selection.

Existing Teams

If you have existing teams, even with people already scheduled, you can use this Time Assignments popup to fix those teams and even all people already scheduled. 

Hover over the Times header in your plan and click the gear.


The Time Adjustments popup will launch, where you can choose which Team you need to change time assignments for.


Choose your team and click the Next button to choose which Times you'd like to assign to your team.


When you adjust times for an existing Team, not only will it edit all the Rehearsal and Other times in future plans, it will also edit all people already scheduled in this Team with your new time assignments applied.

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