Scheduling Teams

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Most people are scheduled with a team. To schedule your people on teams, you need to create a team then assign people to positions, set up the best way for you to schedule, then schedule those people.

1. Create and Assign Teams

Teams belong to Service Types, so to create a team, go to a plan within the Service Type the team belongs to and select the gear next to Teams.

gear icon in plan

Select add or copy a team to create a new team or to create a team based on a different team in your account.

add or copy a team

Create positions by selecting Add position and entering the position name.

Then select Add Person to enter a name and add a person to the selected position.

add a person

If your team is a Tag Team, add tags to assign people to the position.

2. Set Up Scheduling

Once your teams are set, choose the best way to set up the schedule using templates or needed positions.

Create Templates

If you use templates to schedule, you can set up your team based on a rotation and add those team members to those positions.

set up template

Once you've added people to your templates, you can import that template to a plan.

Add Needed Positions

Use needed positions to see how many people you need for each position and schedule each week accordingly.

set up needed positions

Instead of adding needed positions every week, you could create a template with the needed positions and simply fill in the people each week.

3. Schedule People

Once you've created and assigned teams and members and set up how you want to schedule, it's time to add them to a plan let them know they're scheduled.

You can add them to a plan by importing a template, by scheduling them to each position one by one, or using the Auto-Scheduling tool. Once you've added them in one of those ways, notify them from a single plan or from the Matrix.

Email from a Plan

To email your team from a plan, select the dropdown next to your team name then select Email.

email team from plan

If your team has never been emailed before, the envelope icon will show on the dropdown; however, if they've received their prepared notification about this plan, or if prepared notifications are turned off in the Team Settings, no envelope will show. You can still email your team from this dropdown.

Change the subject, body, or even remove someone from the To list then select Send to send your team members an email with this plan information in it.

add information to email

Email from the Matrix

If you schedule weeks in advance, email your people all the plans they're scheduled for from the Matrix by selecting email these people.

Choose which teams you're emailing this select Accept to type and send your email.

choose who to email
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