Sending Scheduling Emails

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Once you've set up your schedule, you can email team members from a single plan or from the Matrix.

Scheduling emails are never sent automatically. To make sure your team members know they have been scheduled, you will need to manually send scheduling emails.

Email from a Plan

To email your team from a plan, select Email from a Team's option menu.

email team from plan

If you have not manually sent your team their notifications, the envelope icon will show on the Team Options menu. Once you send their prepared notifications, or if prepared notifications are disabled in the Team Settings, the envelope will not show. You can still email your team from the Team Options menu.

Change the subject, body, or even remove someone from the To list then select Send to send your team members an email with this plan information in it.

add information to email

Email from the Matrix

If you schedule multiple weeks at a time, email your people with all the plans they're scheduled for from the Matrix by selecting email these people.

Choose which teams you're emailing, and then select Accept to type and send your email.

choose who to email
Reschedule After Declines

When a person declines a scheduling request, a needed position is created for someone else to fill that spot, and decline emails include other people assigned to that position to quickly and easily reschedule someone else.

Rescheduling from the Decline email

Once the scheduler chooses someone else to fill that needed position, they'll be taken to the plan and see a notification.

If the person has declined more than one position or the list of people available to assign to the position is long, the notification email that you receive will not have a list of people that you can schedule. You will need to go to the plan to schedule another person.

If another scheduler tries to fill that position later, they will also be taken to the plan but will receive a notification that the position is no longer needed.

If additional needed positions exist, the second scheduler will be able to schedule another person without an error.

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