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To create a team, you need to add a new team to a Service Type, and then add positions and team members.

Check out this video for an overview of how to create teams, and then see the article below for more details.


Set up a New Team

Teams belong to Service Types. From the Plans page, click the gear menu for a Service Type and select Teams.

From the Teams tab for a Service Type, click Add Team, and then enter your new team information.

You can create a completely new team or copy information over from another team. If you copy a team, you can choose the Service Type and Team to copy from.

copy a team

If you want to copy over team members from the existing team, check Include Team Members. If this option is not checked, team settings and positions will be copied to the new team, but any people or tags won't be assigned to the new team.

If you have Other or Rehearsal Times in your upcoming plans, check any times that you want to assign to the team and click Submit.

time assignments

If you aren't sure about the times, you can assign them later from the plan.

Split Team: If you want your team members to serve serve at different service times, go to the Team Settings tab and make it a Split Team by checking the box.

Add Positions and Team Members

After creating a team, create positions for the team and assign people to the positions.

If you choose to create a team either by using the list of common teams or copying positions from another team, you will already have positions created in the team, but you can change them or add new positions.

To add a position to a team, click Add position in the team Members tab, and then enter a position name.

To add a person to a position, click on a position on the left, and then click Add Person.

Type a person's name into the search box, and then select their name from the list or create a new person.

team leaders

After adding a Team Leader, check the appropriate boxes for the scheduling notifications they will receive.

After you've added a person, you'll see this team and position listed in the Teams section of their profile.

Edit a Position

You can change the position name, print or email the list, or delete someone from the position.

Edit position
  1. To change the position name, click the pencil and edit the name.
  2. Email people in the position, print a list of position members, or remove the position.
  3. A Scheduler can hover over the a person, click the pencil, and edit a person's scheduling preferences.
  4. Remove a team member from the position.

Next, set up your scheduling templates.

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