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Teams belong to Service Types and can be created in any plan. If a team is set up just the way you want it, you can copy it from any other Service Type into another Service Type.

From a plan, select the gear icon to show the list of teams.

gear icon on plans

Click Add Team to create a new team.

teams tab

Create a Team

You can either create a new team from scratch or copy team settings from another team into your new team.

Create a New Team

To create a new team, enter the team name, and then click Submit.

You can also create a new team by clicking the Common Teams link and choosing one or more teams from the list.

add new team
Copy a Team

Fill out the information about your new team and the team you want to copy from.

copy a team
  1. Enter the name of the new team, and then click Copy.
  2. Choose the service type and team that you want to copy from.
  3. Check if you want to copy over team members from the existing team. If this option is not checked, team settings and positions will be copied to the new team, but any people or tags won't be assigned to the new team.

Click Submit to create the new team.

Assign Times

If you have Other or Rehearsal Times in your upcoming plans, check the times that you want to assign to the team and click Submit.

time assignments

When new plans are added, this team will be assigned to these times.

If you forgot to assign a time, you can assign it later from the plan.

Set an Optional Team Type

On the Team Settings tab, you have the option to set your team to one or more types.

Type settings
  1. A Secure team requires a background check for each member of the team before you can schedule them. Secure teams are often used for children's ministry volunteers.
  2. A Split team allows you to have one team with members that serve at different times. Use this team type if you have multiple services, like an early and late service, where the team uses different people for each service.
  3. A Tag team has members aren't manually assigned. Tag teams are useful when you have multiple teams or positions with the exact same members.

Next: After setting the team type and other team settings, you’re ready to assign team members to positions.

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