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If you've been scheduling people to individual plans but have never officially assigned them to a team, you can use the auto-assign feature to scan your previous plans and templates for people you've scheduled and assign those people to your team as members.


The auto-assign feature only works if you have been scheduling people to plans without assigning them to teams. If you haven't yet scheduled people to a plan, first add positions and assign people directly to the team, and then schedule people to the plan.

When you're scheduling people to a plan for a team that doesn't have team members, click the Auto-assign members button from the Add People drawer.

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If your team already has members, but you know there are additional people you have scheduled and haven't assigned, click the auto-assign members link at the bottom of the Add People drawer.

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Confirm the teams you want to assign team members to.

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  1. Your teams are added by default. Click the x next to a team to remove it.

  2. Click to add a team

  3. Find team members from plans in your chosen date range.

  4. Click Next to scan all templates and each plan in the selected range in the Service Type.

The list shows everything found in the scan, and you can choose which people and positions you want to assign to the teams.

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  1. Click Remove to completely skip that team.

  2. Click the x on any position to remove the assignment

  3. Click Add members to assign anyone remaining in the list to the teams and positions shown.


If a person in the list is already assigned to the position shown, removing that position will not remove them from the existing position.

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