Jan 19 - Fix for Bulk Tag Updates

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If you are using the new version of the People page, you can select multiple people and perform a bulk update. One of the options in the bulk updater is adding Tags. There was a bug that if Tags were added to a person from the Bulk Updater, it would not put them on any appropriate Tag Teams. 


For example, if you have a Hospitality Team set up as a Tag Team, and the "Usher Door 1" position was looking for anyone with the "Ushers" Tag, when you added that Usher Tag to the person from their profile, it would assign them to that Team. However if you added that Tag from a Bulk Update, they would not be added to the Team.

That bug has been fixed so that no matter how you add Tags to people, whether from their profile or from a bulk update, they will be added to the correct Tag Teams.

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