Jan 15 - Email Subject [Church Name]

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Today we made a long-requested change in email subjects. We've always included your church name in brackets at the beginning of every email subject. We include your church name to prove a little extra context about the sender, but also because there are many people who occasionally receive emails from multiple churches and having the church name in the subject helps differentiate them.

The problem has been that especially for churches with long names, putting that at the beginning of an email subject can mean that the main customized part of the subject isn't visible in your email program without viewing the entire email. So today we've decided to switch them around. We still include the church name in the subject, we've just moved it to the end of your custom subject.


The top email was just sent and has the church name at the end. The bottom email is how we used to send emails, with the church name at the beginning.

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