New: Specific Chart Selection and More With PraiseCharts

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If you’re using our PraiseCharts integration we’ve got some big news: You’re now able to access new PraiseCharts products like Stage Charts and Vocal/Orchestration packs in Services!

To support this flood of new information, we’ve updated our PraiseCharts interface to allow for selecting specific files inside of each pack to ensure you’re only importing the things you need. Additionally, some files previously came over as a single PDF including all available keys, but now those are broken out and easy to select as well.

To use this new feature, simply add a file to a song that you’ve purchased in PraiseCharts and you’ll be met with a selection screen that will look something like this:

Only choosing what you need keeps your files neat and organized which helps you quickly access the important information without having to sift through everything else — and if you're a Services admin, I'm certain you're excited about that!

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