Improved: An Optimized Plan Page in Services Mobile Version 6

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The plan page in Services is where most users spend their time. The old design was based on a landing page with rows for each major section – Order, Teams, Time, Notes, & Files – that you could tap to go into that sub-page. Going between sections required a lot of back and forth, and we’ve heard feedback that navigation was cumbersome. Version 6 reconfigures those sub-pages into tabs – making it quick to switch between sections, showing you more of what you want to see on the first page, and matching the familiar design of the desktop site.

Services 6v5 iOS.png

Notable Changes

  • Sub-pages from version 5 are now tabs in version 6, allowing you to switch between tabs much more quickly
  • The app will remember which tab you’re on and start you on that tab when you go to new plans
  • The menu button in the lower right of the header contains general actions like renaming the plan, printing, starting Services Live, or opening this plan in other apps
  • Actions for each tab are presented as buttons directly below the tab. This brings the media player button to the top of the plan, consistent with other actions
  • The Files tab now has its own action buttons to launch the Media Player or to open Music Stand, if it's installed on your device
  • Services Live is always accessible in the main header menu, but on the day of the plan, if Live has already started, or you have permission to start it, an additional Live button will show up with the other Order actions, to the right of Play and Print.

Version 6 was released for Android earlier this year, and for iOS this week. This new design should make it faster and more intuitive to access the information you need, while unifying the desktop and mobile app experiences. It also sets the stage for some exciting new features coming later this year, so stay tuned!

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