Use Item Notes for Specific Information

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Item Notes are attached to a specific plan item to communicate information happening during that item, such as a person responsible for the lighting, announcements, or band cues. They also hold BPMs, and song sequences.

Add Item Notes

You can add item notes by opening the item.

Edit Item Note Categories

Customize the categories from the service type settings.

  1. To add a new category, click Add.

  2. Reorder the categories by dragging the handles.

  3. Edit a category title by hovering over it and selecting the title.

  4. Delete a category by hovering over it, clicking the edit pencil, and selecting Delete.

  5. If you want to hide categories from the plan when they're blank, drag them to the Occasionally Used section.

Recover Deleted Item Note Categories

Administrators have seven days to recover a note category from the service type settings once a note category is deleted. After seven days, the note category cannot be recovered.

Select View recently deleted categories and choose the category to recover it.


The category will be added back to the list, and any previously made notes will be restored.

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