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People with editor permissions and higher can see how much storage space you're using in your Services account and delete any unneeded files. If you have run out of space but don't want to delete any files, you can enable extra storage.

Access the Files Page

To access Files settings, go to the main Songs page, and click Manage Files from the gear menu.

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If you do not see the Manage Files item in the gear menu, you do not have Editor permissions or higher.

Files Usage

From the Files page, you can see the specific files that have been uploaded to your account. Hover over a file to take an action on it.

  1. Filter the list.

  2. Edit or delete the file.

  3. Download the file.

  4. Play the file if it's a song or view the file if it's a PDF.

  5. Choose columns that display on the Files page from the view dropdown menu.

Each column shows different information about the file.

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  1. See where the file is uploaded. If you have files attached to past Plans or Plan Items, we recommend deleting those in order to take up less space on your account. Check out our guide on Attachments for more information.

  2. Sort your files by Size in order to find the largest ones that may be taking up the most space.

  3. Name of the file. To search for a specific file, type the name into the Add text filter field.

  4. Type of file.

  5. Check out our section on Tracking Licenses for a better understanding of how licenses work.

  6. View when the file was uploaded to Services.

Extra File Storage

If you are out of storage and need more, you can upgrade your account; however, if you don't need to add more people or Service Types, you can enable extra file storage.

To enable extra file storage, go to the Files page, and click File Storage in the gear dropdown menu.

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To enable extra storage, check the Enable extra file storage box, and then click submit.

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Extra file storage can only be enabled for Services paid plans.

Once you enable extra file storage, you will be charged a prorated amount based on the amount you use:

  • For every extra 1GB of storage you use, you'll be charged $1.

  • If you only use half a GB (500MB), you'll be charged $.50.

  • If you only use a quarter of a GB (250MB), you'll be charged $.25.

This is usually the most cost-efficient way to use more storage; however, it might be beneficial to see if the next package would be better if you've got a lot of extra files. Organization Administrators can upgrade from the Applications Page.

To disable extra storage, delete files to fit within your limit, then uncheck the box.

Audio Permissions

To change the permissions for audio files, go to the Files page, and click Audio Permissions in the gear dropdown menu.

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Update audio file permissions.

  1. Choose Allow Download to allow new audio files to be downloaded by default. If this is set to Stream Only, audio files can be streamed, but only people with permissions set in the next field can download them.

  2. Set the user permission for people who can download files. People with this permission can change an individual song setting to allow it to be downloaded, even if the default is only streaming.


When integrating other programs, consider their settings and the effects they will have on your storage. If files are uploaded automatically from other integrations, you will have to manually remove those files you don't want in Services.


Within ProPresenter's settings, there's an option to Automatically Upload Documents and Media from ProPresenter to Services. If you enable this option, anything added to ProPresenter will be uploaded to Services, and your storage will quickly increase. Make sure you have located that option within ProPresenter before integrating it with Services.

Worship House Media

Choosing Import Media in the Worship House Media section of the Media page will show you all of your past purchases from Worship House Media. Selecting Import from Worship House Media will bring over everything in your Worship House Media account that you haven't marked as don't import or haven't already imported previously.

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