Adding Files to Plans

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You can attach files to plan items, the whole plan, or a Service Type so that your teams can access them.

Link to Song and Media Files

When you add songs or media to your plan, you will link an item in this plan with a song or media in your master libraries. Any files associated with that song or media are then available in this plan, or any other plans that link to it.

To make song or media files available in a plan:

  1. Attach the files to a song or  media.
  2. In the plan, over add an item, and click Add Media or Add a Song.
Editing Item

After the song or media item is added, you can access the files from the plan.

If you've added a media file that isn't an item in your service, you can set its length to 0, make it a pre-service item, and drag it to the top to give it better visibility.

Unlink Songs and Media

When you unlink a song or media attachment, you are not deleting the file from the database, you are just unlinking it from the item it's attached to.

To unlink attachments that are added to a item in a Service Order, click the pencil next to the item.

edit song

Unlink individual songs or media items.

  1. Click unlink song to remove a song attachment.
  2. Hover over a media item, and then click the red minus sign to delete a media file.

Click Accept to accept your changes.

For instructions on how to delete files from songs or media items, see these articles: Archived Media or Song Attachments.

Add Files to a Service Type

If you want files to be available from every plan in the Service Type, select Settings from the Service Type gear menu.

service type settings

Click Add in the Files section to add the file..

add a file

Add Files to a Plan

For files that you want to use in a single plan, such as announcements or stage layouts, attach those within the plan.

  1. To add a file that's not connected to a specific plan item, click add an attachment in the Plan Attachments section.
  2. To add a file that will only apply to a specific item in this one plan, hover over the attachments counter to the right of any regular item and click add an attachment.

Any file added to the plan will stay in this plan until it's deleted.

Files added to the plan will still take up space in your file storage, even after the plan has passed. You might want to delete the files from the plan when it's over to save space in your account.

Access Plan Files

After the files are attached, you can access them from the plan.

  1. Download or edit a file attached to the plan or Service Type from the Attachments section of a plan.
  2. Access a file attached to an item by hovering over the attachments counter, and then clicking on a file to view, download, or link it.
  3. Use rehearsal tools.
rehearsal files
  1. Use web Music Stand to access lyrics and chord charts.
  2. Access the full media player, which loads media from anywhere on the plan.
  3. Download a songbook that includes selected PDFs from the plan.

Delete Service Type or Plan Attachments

When you delete an attachment from a Service Type or Plan, it will no longer be available in Services.

To delete Service Type or Plan attachments, hover over the attachment file and click on the red minus sign.

delete file
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