Tips for Multiple Campuses

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In Services, you can make working with multiple campuses easier by: setting up Folders for each campus, reusing Service Types, using tags to assign people, and running Services LIVE for more than one campus.

Folders and Service Types

If you have multiple ministries in each campus who need different Service Types, use Folders for each campus. Then you can put multiple service types in each campus.


Reuse Service Orders

If the order of service for one campus will closely resemble another campus, go to the plan that you want to copy, click the export button, and only check the box to copy items to your plan.

You can also use the Matrix to see multiple campuses while planning. You can copy plan items and move people between the campuses.


Assign People to Campuses

You can assign people to a campus by adding a tag for each campus and assigning people to the appropriate tag. Then you can filter by tag when scheduling people.


Services LIVE

When using Services LIVE, you can watch the progress of the other campuses that have simultaneous services and even chat with those using LIVE at those places. This is particularly useful if you are trying to sync up the time for something, like if you have a live feed going to all your campuses for video.

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