Update: Ending Support for Services API version 2018-08-01

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This update is specifically for developers who have built their own apps using data from Services.

User Impact

A small group of end-users using apps that get their data from this old API might be able to access the profiles of people on all teams even though that should only be for people on teams they lead. After this change, those users will no longer be able to access profiles of people on teams they don’t lead.


As of April 2, 2024 the 2018-08-01 version of the Services API will no longer be available. If your app is targeting this specific version, you will be bumped to the most recent version automatically on that date. We strive to support older versions for as long as we can, but we also have a very strong stance on keeping your data secure which is the driving force behind this change.

This change rectifies a potential security vulnerability and will hopefully be a rather seamless transition for most people as it only impacts the /people endpoint. We now ensure that it only returns results that are aligned with the “Can view people not on My Teams” setting which can be found in the Permission Settings modal on Services’ People page.

If you have any questions about this transition, please reach out to our wonderful support team by using the ❓icon in the top right corner of any Planning Center product.

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