Set Up Scheduling Templates

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If your team uses all or even some of the same people every week, create templates to help you schedule faster. If you have rotating teams, add each rotation to a template, and then import that template to any plan.

You can check out this video clip on how to set up scheduling templates, and then read the rest of the article for more details.

Before creating a template, set up your teams and positions.

Create a Template

To access the Templates tab, select Templates from the gear icon menu in a Service Type.

Templates Button for a Service Type

To create your template, click Add template.

Enter the name of the template, and then press Enter to create the template.

If you want to schedule teams of people to serve on a rotating basis, you can create a separate template for each team.  For example, if you have different people who serve every other week, you can create two separate templates for your team--one that serves on weeks 1 and 3 and one for weeks 2 and 4.

template name

A template looks a lot like a plan, but it doesn't have Times or Series information. Times and Series only belong to Plans not Templates.

blank template

Fill in the Template

Set up your template by adding teams and assigning needed positions and people.

Add the teams and needed positions that you need to fill each time you use this template.

If you have people that you want to assign to a position every time the template is used, assign those people to positions in the template. You can have both scheduled people and needed positions for a team.

In the example above, the people scheduled to the template will be scheduled every time the template is used in a plan. The needed positions will also transfer to the plan, and these positions will be scheduled separately for each plan.

After you have set up your template with people and positions, you can:

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