Sep 15 - Schedulers & Editing People

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Any Organization Administrator can go to your Services Settings page to change some global settings, including a setting previous called "Block Schedulers from Editing People." By default, Schedulers can edit people, but this allowed a church to change it so a Scheduler could not.

The problem was that this statement was confusing, especially because we treated it differently in different cases. If this setting was true, on our desktop site from the main people page, a Scheduler could not click on a person to visit their profile at all. They could, however, still access profiles from within our mobile apps, or even by hovering over a scheduled person in a plan and clicking the person icon.

We decided that all Schedulers need to access a person's profile, since that's where they can get to a ton of scheduling information and assign tags. So we changed it. Schedulers can now get to a person's profile from anywhere, including the main people page.

The thing that was always true was that this prevented Schedulers from editing anyone's contact information, like name, email address, and phone number. To help make this more clear, we've renamed that option to "Block Schedulers from Editing People's Contact Info."

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