Sep 2 - Switching Apps from a Person's Profile

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Now that Planning Center is more than just Services and can be used as a full Church Management System, we're gradually adding features that allow different Planning Center apps to work better together. The most recent example of this allows you to switch apps while viewing a person's profile and go right to their profile page in the other app.

For example, if you are looking up Olivia's membership status in Planning Center People, and you want to see her volunteering schedule, you can use the app switcher at the top left to change from People to Services. When you do, we'll now take you directly to Olivia's profile page in Services instead of the dashboard.

If Olivia wasn't already a part of Services, we'll take you to the main people page, and open up the box that allows you to quickly add her. This ensures you can choose to send her a welcome email and set any required Tags.

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