Jun 8 - Replying to Text Messages

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Today we're allowing all users who receive text notifications for scheduling requests to respond directly from the text. Some carriers already allowed you to text back the words Accept or Decline. For the carriers that don't, we're now sending a slightly different text with short links you can click to accept or decline.

Cell Phone with Text Request

Now no matter what carrier you use, you'll be able to respond directly from your text message, either by texting back or by clicking a short link. The text you receive will let you know which method to use.

More Detail

To make Text Notifications free for your church, we send them a special way, which is by sending an email to your cell provider who then converts it to a text and sends it to you. This is called an SMS Gateway.

Some cell companies allow you to reply to those special texts and forwards your text response back to us. That allows you to respond to the text message by texting us back the words Accept or Decline.

However, many cell companies do not allow replying to these special texts. As a result, until now, if your carrier was one of those, your text would just tell you to check your email or log in to the site to respond.

Now if you are using a cell carrier that doesn't allow replying to those special SMS gateway texts, you'll receive a different text. Your message will include short links you can click to accept or decline directly from the text message, not requiring you to check your email first.

Push Notifications

For an even more seamless experience, you can install the Planning Center Services app for iOS or Android and enable push notifications within the app. Those notifications will take you right into the app where you can accept or decline. When you first enable push notifications, it will even check if you have text notifications enabled, and ask you if you'd like to disable them.

Carriers who Allow Text Replies

The following carriers will allow you to respond to the text message with the words Accept or Decline. All others will include the short links instead.

  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Cricket
  • Inland Cellular
  • Ntelos
  • Rogers Wireless
  • US Cellular
  • Virgin


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