Jun 1 - Song Beta Updates

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We've got another set of big updates to the new Songs beta page for you today!

Drag to Upload, Move, or Copy

You can now drag files from your computer right onto your browser to upload them. As your mouse enters your browser while dragging files, all available drop zones are expanded, including the key navigation buttons under the Files section. Release your files on a drop zone and they'll be uploaded there.

You can also drag existing files to move them, or copy files by holding down alt/option on your keyboard before you start to drag. Move or copy files to any key or even other arrangements by dragging onto the tabs on the left. If you drag a key file to another arrangement, it will be attached to that same key, even if it has to create the key. 

If your files are on the Song:All Arrangements tab, they'll show to your team members no matter what Arrangement you choose in a plan. You usually just want to show files for the arrangement you've chosen for a specific plan. Now you can easily fix this by dragging your files from the All Arrangements tab onto an individual Arrangement.

Shortcut Keys

It's now faster than ever to interact with files on the Song page. Hover your mouse over a file and hit any of the available shortcut keys like E to edit or D to download. You can even use the X key to delete files you have permissions to delete even though there's no delete button in the action bar.

Type the ? key at any time to see a popup of all available shortcuts.

Inline Arrangement Editing

When we released the new Song page, in order to edit the Arrangement Title, Length, BPM or Meter, you had to click an edit button which would open a popup. After hearing from quite a few people who didn't like that this common action took longer in the new way than the old way, we decided to rework it. 

Just click to edit any arrangement data right on the page. You can tab between fields or hit enter and your changes are saved automatically. Hit escape to cancel.

Expand File Containers

Since most song files start with the name of the song, the beginning of most of those files are exactly the same. To make it easier to find files, we're truncating the display of file names so that they always stay on one line and show as much of the end of the file name as possible. If you hover your mouse over the file for a second, you can see the full name. If you always want more room for your file names, you can now expand any file container using the button at the top right of that container.

Edit Sequence from Chord Editor

We've updated the Lyrics and Chords Editor slightly, changing the Format and Download buttons into icons to make room for a third icon, Sequence. Now, when accessing Lyrics and Chords from the new Song page, you can edit your Song Sequence right there and see it update on the preview. 

Beta Progress

If you missed our updates from April, you can read about those in this post. We're getting very close to a complete version of the songs page! The only thing still missing is the RehearsalMix tab in the Add File Popup. Once that's done in the next week or two, we'll be entering the last month of the beta. 

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