Apr 11 - Songs Beta Updates

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Since we first released the new Song beta page 2 weeks ago, we've made some great changes. Here's a list of the most notable ones.

  • Header text links. Originally you had to click the [Edit] button next to the arrangement title or song title to edit any of the arrangement or song details, like Sequence, BPM and Meter. Now you can click any of that text directly to open up the box to edit it.
  • Schedule > Since 3 Most Recent. In the Schedule section, we have options to let you quickly see the shedule during a specified time period. It used to default to Since 1 month ago. The problem was sometimes you last did a song much longer ago than 1 month and you don't even know when. We have a new option, Since 3 most recent, that will start your schedule by showing the 3 most recent entries, no matter when, and show you everything since then.
  • Schedule > Time Option is Remembered. When you are using that schedule, if you change the default option (Since 3 Most Recent), we will remember your choice for any other Song or Arrangement. It will even remember any custom dates you choose.
  • New File Icons. All files were using the same icons. Now each file type has its own icon so you can tell the difference between them more easily.
  • Media Player Shortcuts. The media player now has shortcut keys! Spacebar for play/pause, Left/Right arrows to go forward or back 5 seconds, Shift + Left/Right to go forward or back 10 seconds, and Up/Down to change the volume.
  • Long Filename Improvements. If file names are are too long, we truncate them by replacing the middle characters with '...' so they'll fit on one line. We've improved this by moving the `...` closer to the beginning of the file name so you can see the end, which is usually what's different between files. In addition, if you hover over files, you'll see the full name. We do still have some additional improvements for this.
  • Transpose Button on Files. In addition to the more global transpose button next to the Files header, we've added back a transpose button when you hover over transposable audio files.
  • Support for Schedulers & Viewers. Originally the beta was only available to Editors and Administrators. We've just opened it up to Viewers and Schedulers as well.

We've still got quite a few more additions and improvements in store for the next couple of weeks. Here are the main things that are still coming.

  • New Key Navigation. Right now you can't see all keys on one screen, making it difficult to manage them. In the next day or two, there will be a new way to see them all at once.
  • Add PraiseCharts & RehearsalMix Files. When using the Add File box, the PraiseCharts and RehearsalMix tabs don't work yet. PraiseCharts will be working soon, and RehearsalMix in the next few weeks.
  • Drag & Drop Uploading. This is one of the biggest things missing and will take us a little longer for various reasons. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.
  • Other Various Things. There are quite a few other minor things that still need to be fixed, many dealing with how the pages react on different screen sizes. Stay tuned!

Your feedback has already been greatly helpful in helping us identify sources of confusion, so feel free to submit a ticket using the button at the top of this page to let us know anything else we might have missed or just to let us know that you like it.

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