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Today I'm thrilled to announce that the new version of the Song & Arrangement pages are availble for Editors & Administrators to try out! We've been hard at work for months on this complete overhaul that should drastically simplify working with songs.

What's New?

Though the pages aren't yet complete, we feel like they are functional enough that most people will be able to switch over permanently to take advantage of the improvements. We'll have a more comprehensive post once the page is complete, but for now, here's a quick rundown of what's new.

  • Unified Page! Instead of having separate song and arrangement pages, they are now contained within one page with each additional arrangement as a tab on the left.
  • Simplified Design. The layout is a lot easier to understand. We no longer take up a huge section of the page with the song sequence editor and instead show the abbreviated sequence and allow editing it in a popup. In addition, Files are front and center, each in their own 'Card'.
  • Transposing Improvements. The new Transpose button allows you to hear a preview of the file you want to transpose to determine its key. You can also transpose into many keys at once and even rename those new files before they're created to avoid file names containing the original key and the new key.
  • Capo Key Improvements. When you add a new key and add alternate capo keys, we automatically choose the next most likely key for a capo and give you the capo number.
  • Spotify & Amazon Preivews. New Spotify and Amazon links you add from here will allow hearing a preview. iTunes has always worked like this, but now the others will too. (Old Spotify and Amazon links might need to be updated.)
  • New Media Player with larger Video. We've completely redone the media player, and it's no longer in Adobe Flash!! (This will come to the plan page eventually.) In addition, when you play a file from YouTube or Vimeo, it will play larger than before and allow going fullscreen.
  • Default File Actions. When you click audio files, they now play in the media player instead of downloading by default. You can still download them (with the right permissions) by clicking the download icon. You can always tell what the default action of clicking a file will be, because it is the first icon in the list.
  • PCO Chord Charts Show with Files. If you use our "Lyrics & Chords" button to create your own transposable chord charts, those resulting files are now listed right with your other files for that key, making it much easier to see all files for a key. Hovering over those files and clicking the edit button will take you right into the Lyrics & Chords editor.

What's Missing?

The new page is temporarily missing the following two main things, both in the add file box:

  • Adding files from PraiseCharts
  • Adding files from RehearsalMix.

Luckily, you can add PraiseCharts files when adding a new key or a new arrangement, so it's not completely missing.

There are some small things missing or that we'll be improving soon, too.

  • The buttons to archive a song or delete a song don't work yet. 
  • The icons for all files are the same. Each file type will get its own icon.
  • When adding a key, we'll set the default key based on SongSelect's default key.
  • Hovering over a transposable file will show a transpose button. (Right now you can still use the main transpose button next to "Lyrics & Chords" to transpose mp3 files.)
  • We'll add back the ability to drag files right onto the page to upload them rather than open the add file box.
  • A couple other surprise additions. :)

Beginning the Beta

One of the reasons we're releasing this a little early is we know there are probably small little things we might not have even realized were happening with the old page that you might be expecting to happen on the new page. This allows you to try it out and let us know if you find anything else we might have missed. 

If you have anything to report, feel free to click the ? at the top right of PCO Services and send us an email. Just put SONGS BETA somewhere in your subject to help us out. You can also submit a request at the top right of this help site.

We hope you like it and are excited to hear any feedback!


On April 11 we posted an article listing the changes since the initial beta release. You can read those here.

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