Apr 19 - Time Preference Conflicts

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When you assign someone to a position in a Split Team, you can set their time preferences to know which Service Time they prefer. For example, in my First Impressions Team, I have two positions, Ushers and Greeters. 

I already have Jeff assigned as an Usher and set that he prefers the 9am service only. But since Time Preference Options are shared for an entire team, whatever Jeff's time preferences are for Ushers, they will also be if I add him as a Greeter.

When you assign people to positions in a Split Team, it looks at the time filter in the upper right, and assigns your new person to those time preferences. For example, if I use the filter to only see my 11am Greeters, when I assign Jeff it will assign him to 11am only.

When you combine these two ideas, you can get into trouble. I'm filtering to show my 11am Greeters, I assign Jeff, so it adds him as a Greeter with only an 11am Time Preference. Uh Oh! If I save, Jeff's Time Preferences will be saved for Greeters AND Ushers, changing him from a 9am Usher to an 11am Usher without me even knowing it!

Today we are improving this by surfacing a warning. If I try to assign Jeff as an 11am Greeter, a warning icon will appear next to his Time Preferences so that I know something is conflicting.

When I hover over that warning, I can see that Jeff was previously assigned as a Greeter to 9am only, and in this case I'll decide to change him to a 9am Greeter. When I do, the warning will go away since his Time Preference for Greeter now matches what it currently is for Usher. If I choose to leave him as an 11am Greeter, I at least am aware that it will change him to an 11am Usher, too.

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